Places To Celebrate Diwali In South India

Happy Diwali

The most enchanting and delightful Indian festival is on the doorstep and everyone in extreme curiosity is waiting to celebrate it in the most exuberant way. Diwali or the ”Festival of Lights” always kindles a sparkling vibe that no one can escape it and you automatically get immersed in its festive spirits. The beautiful arrangements of hundreds and thousands of lamps that flicker, piercing the darkness and the thrill of bursting firecrackers are the most memorable part of Diwali celebrations. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

The entire nation celebrates Diwali under the same theme, but the way of celebration differs from one region to another. Though Diwali is celebrated grandly in North India, South Indians also celebrate it in a simple and most elegant manner. Experience the joyful celebrations of Diwali that falls on October 27, 2019, and feel the spirit and energy of India’s most favourite festival. 

Here we present to you the Best Places To Celebrate Diwali In South India:

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the best places in South India to celebrate Diwali. Unlike other places, Tamil Nadu celebrates Diwali in a very unique and traditional way. It will be a nice experience to enjoy the festivity with the local people at their home where you can observe their culture and the rituals of Diwali. The day before the festival, houses are cleaned and decorated with beautiful Kolam (Rangoli) as well as the oven used for the ritual oil bath is cleaned, greased with lime and 4-5 Kumkum dots are applied after which it is filled with water for the oil bath next day.

Diwali holy oil bath
Oil Bath—A Potent Deepavali Ritual To Purify Mind & Body That You Need To Try

The Diwali day starts with everyone in the family taking an oil bath before sunrise which is the most important custom of the festival, revered as holy as a bath in the Ganges. The elders in the family will apply gingelly oil on the heads of the younger members before the bath. The Pooja room will be decorated with flowers, Kumkum, betel leaves, sandal paste, fruits, betel nuts, turmeric and scented powder for Pooja after the ritual bath. Diwali celebrations in Tamil Nadu also include bursting of firecrackers, eating sweets and other special Diwali delicacies.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Madurai

To witness the breathtaking beauty of the magnificent Madurai Meenakshi Temple lit up as a bride with beautiful lightings, visit Madurai during the Diwali festival. You’ll surely get mesmerized at the gorgeous views of the Temple and its architectural grandeur which is highlighted with the sparkling lights along with the spectacular fireworks in the sky. The temple is also adorned with beautiful flower decorations and colourful Rangolis.

Diwali celebration in Madurai
Diwali celebration in Madurai

The Temple city turn into a cultural spot during the festive time with Rangoli competitions, music stage shows, dance performances, rituals and many more. Madurai is one of the best places to be at during Diwali where you can indulge in sightseeing, shopping and try Diwali special desserts and delicacies.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Hampi

Hampi is one of the most extraordinary places to visit during Diwali. The celebrations here are grand and worth experiencing. Though brimming with ruins of the erstwhile palaces, monuments and temples, this historical city still reflects a tremendous charisma which makes it one of the favourite destinations among travel buffs.

diwali celebration in Hampi temples

The sparkling festival of lights infuses life into this mystical land where the streets and towns are illuminated with shimmering lights and sky dazzling with amazing fireworks. The special ceremonial functions at the Virupaksha Temple in the evening is a highlight, especially the local procession with the beautifully decorated temple elephant. 

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Goa

Goa is yet another ideal place to enjoy an exotic Diwali celebration. The destruction of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna is the main theme of Diwali celebrations in Goa.

diwali celebration in goa

There will be tight competition among each village and city in making the biggest and scariest effigy of Narakasura which is then burned at dawn on the day before the main day of Diwali known as Narakasura Chaturdashi. The Diwali celebrations in Goa will surely leave you with mesmerizing memories. Gambling is another popular activity to do in Goa during Diwali.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Coorg

The lovely and picturesque hill station of Coorg offers an alluring backdrop for a peaceful and pollution-free Diwali celebration. If you prefer a blissful and noiseless Diwali with few fireworks, head to Coorg.

Enjoy the pollution free Diwali in Coorg

Even though Diwali is celebrated with less pomp in Coorg, it is a time of fun and togetherness. Traditional Coorgie dance is an eye-catching entertainment during the festival. One can also explore the mesmerizing beauty of the green-carpeted mountains, visually delighting coffee plantations, and also try authentic local foods and special Diwali delicacies when you are at Coorg

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Pondicherry

This beautiful Indian coastal city that always reflects a French charm makes way for a wonderful escapade for Diwali celebrations. The festive season in Pondicherry commemorates with the festival of lights, Diwali which is celebrated with much devotion and ardor. The festivities begin with Dhanteras which is followed by Naraka Chaturdashi on the second day.

Newly married couple burning fire crackers on Diwali in Pondicherry
Newly married couple enjoying the Diwali festival

The main festival Diwali falls on the third day followed by Diwali Padva dedicated to the wife-husband relationship on the fourth day. The celebrations come to an end with Bhau-beej which is dedicated to sister-brother bond on the fifth day. Every street gleaming with bright lights and homes decorated with diyas offers a brilliant sight.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Mysore

The ancient city which served as the capital of the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom, Mysore shimmers in the light of earthen lamps and artificial lights during the festival of Diwali.

The Glowing Mysore palace in India during Diwali celebration
The Glowing Mysore palace in India during Diwali celebration

The beautiful Mysore Palace spectacularly lit up in the night offers a breathtaking gorgeous sight that eyes have ever beheld. Interestingly, a Sky Lantern Festival will be held for the first time in the city as an initiative to limit air and sound pollution during Diwali. If you visit Mysore on 26th October 2019, you can be a part of the Sky Lantern Festival as well.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Hyderabad

People in Hyderabad celebrate Diwali with joy and fervor, observing colourful customs and charming traditions. Hyderabad celebrates Diwali as the homecoming of Lord Rama after a 14-year exile, as per Hindu mythology.

Diwali celebration in Hyderabad

Sparkling diyas and beautiful fireworks form the common scene in Hyderabad during the Diwali festival. It’s more family time in Hyderabad and is celebrated for five days. To enjoy the festivity of Diwali, Hyderabad is a nice place to visit.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore never fails to celebrate Diwali with all its fun and festivity and it will be an ideal pick for your Diwali celebrations in South India. This metropolitan city sees many cultures come together under one roof; hence you can witness a diverse Diwali celebration in various parts of the city. And no doubt, bursting crackers is the main highlight here.

A family celebrating the Diwali festival in Bangalore

The city wears a festive look during Diwali with themed pandals, and every home illuminates with Diyas and lanterns. Diwali is incomplete in Bangalore without an oil bath which is followed by eating sweets as it is a traditional custom.

  • Celebrate this Diwali in Kochi

Kochi which is for all time the melting pot of diverse culture is one of the best places to visit during Diwali. The Gujarati community residing in Kochi celebrate Diwali in a traditional manner with much pomp and gaiety. Special cultural activities like Deep dances, Dandiya, Folk dances and Rangoli competitions are organized by the Gujarati Communities.

People also indulge in lighting diyas and lamps at home, bursting firecrackers and enjoying sweets. You can get a variety of sweets from the shops at Mattancherry. The North Indian communities in Kochi also celebrate Diwali in a grand way.

Explore South India during this festive season and be a part of the unique celebrations of the most sparkling festival of lights, Diwali at this magnificent destination.

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